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Technosafe Unveils groundbreaking neon safety shoes line at Hygienalia fair

Technosafe, a leading name in safety footwear, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation at the Hygienalia Fair: the Neon Safety Shoes line. This exceptional range features the new S1P and the all-new S3 versions in both High and Low cuts. Notably, the S3 models also come in the vibrant and eye-catching color variations of Orange, Green, and Blue Shock.

Innovation, Safety, and Design Converge

Technosafe’s Neon Safety Shoes represent a paradigm shift in safety footwear. Crafted with Italian design precision, these shoes offer a lightweight, highly durable upper that perfectly conforms to the shape of the foot, ensuring ideal support. What truly sets them apart is the stunning range of colors known as the Shock Fluo series, designed to stand out even in low-visibility conditions.

The Exclusive TECHNOFLEX Anti-Perforation Layer

One of the standout features of the Neon Safety Shoes is the exclusive TECHNOFLEX anti-perforation layer. This lightweight and flexible layer offers a piercing resistance of up to 1100 N, in strict compliance with the latest safety standards. It provides peace of mind to wearers, knowing their feet are protected from potential hazards.

The Beloved Norrin Insole

Comfort and support are essential aspects of Technosafe’s footwear, and the Neon Safety Shoes are no exception. These shoes are equipped with the highly acclaimed Norrin insole, made of EVA with triple reinforcement. With a special silicone gel cushion under the heel, this insole enhances impact absorption, leading to less fatigue and reduced joint discomfort. It provides wearers with long-lasting energy savings and exceptional comfort throughout the day.

Dynamic Polyurethane Footbed

The Neon Safety Shoes also boast a lightweight and flexible polyurethane footbed that dynamically adapts to the shape of the foot. This dynamic adjustment ensures that wearers enjoy a comfortable fit, even during long hours on their feet.

Revolutionary Composite COMPOTECH Toe Cap

One of the most notable safety features of the Neon Safety Shoes is the revolutionary COMPOTECH composite toe cap. This material is not only lightweight but also surpasses steel and aluminum in weight reduction. Importantly, it is undetectable by metal detectors, thanks to its non-metallic composition. It offers greater elasticity than fiberglass and is more cost-effective than carbon fiber alternatives. Most importantly, it reliably protects the feet from pressures and impacts of up to 200 Joules.

Technosafe’s Neon Safety Shoes are the epitome of safety, style, and comfort, designed to exceed your expectations. They represent a harmonious fusion of innovation, safety, and captivating design. The Shock Fluo color range guarantees that wearers will not go unnoticed, even in challenging visibility conditions.

Visit us at the Hygienalia Fair to experience these extraordinary safety shoes for yourself. Discover the future of safety footwear with Technosafe.

For more information and media inquiries, please contact: marketing@rays.it

About Technosafe:

Technosafe is a renowned brand dedicated to creating safety footwear and apparel that combines cutting-edge technology with Italian design. With a focus on comfort, protection, and style, Technosafe has redefined the standards for safety footwear, providing unmatched quality and innovation in every step.

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