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New dispenser from LOSDI

In this edition of Hygienalia 2023 LOSDI will introduce for the first time in Spain two dispensers whose reception in the national and international market is more than positive.

The first of these dispensers is an autocut dispenser, with a compact design to perfectly fit all types of spaces. It is available in two versions, one made of 100% recycled plastic to combine with the rest of the dispensers of the ECO-LUXE line both in terms of aesthetics and sustainability, and also in ABS plastic like the rest of the ELEGANCE line with a more sober and timeless design.

It ensures perfect operation from start to finish of the paper roll thanks to its carefully calibrated internal circuit even with a low level of force, favoring that the dispenser can be used with papers of different weight, whether they have one, two or three layers.

With a capacity for standard rolls, the autocut dispenser guarantees a quick and effective hand drying.

On the other hand, LOSDI introduces a modular soap dispenser of great versatility to contain interchangeable modules that allow to choose between a manual and automatic configuration, to which a refillable bottle of 1.100ml or disposable bag (900ml) or collapsible bottle (1,100ml) can be added for liquid soap, foam or spray.

Made of 100% recycled plastic, it guarantees maximum performance allowing up to 100 dosages more than other liquid soap dispensers and 250 dosages in the case of foam soap. In addition, its reinforced vertical valve prevents dripping by ensuring its closure and extends the service life of the dispenser.

As for the automatic configuration, its high-quality sensor and a new resting system that allows to extend the life of the batteries up to 9 months.

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