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TTS presents Lampo: extraordinary becomes ordinary

The first paradigm of cleaning is that one handle corresponds to one tool, TTS presents Lampo to take you to the next level: one handle per trolley with all the tools you may need.

Lampo is the first immediate fixing and releasing system designed to tidy up the cleaning trolley creating the space to carry everyday all the extraordinary cleaning tools. Lampo saves the operator’s time who does not need to go back to the storeroom to get extra tools nor recover ladders to reach higher surfaces as he always has everything he needs for any operation, planned or not.

The Jack cone for handles and poles and the Plug device for Nickita and Magic trolleys enable you to quickly switch from floor cleaning to high cleaning.

Jack allows easy hooking of dusters and web brushes to a handle or pole for cleaning the hardest-to-reach surfaces while keeping the equipment firmly anchored during use. Thanks to Plug, the operator can fix and release frames directly on the trolley, avoiding hand contact with contaminated surfaces.

Placing all the frames in the appropriate Plug holder away from the operating areas reduces the number of handles needed, which ensures the trolley is free of obstacles that could slow down activities like emptying the bins in the bag holder, opening the drawers, pulling out the tray and accessing the baskets. With Lampo it is finally possible to equip even the most compact trolley with all necessary tools, obtaining a complete cleaning station: the operator has dusters, web brushes and frames always at his fingertips and ready for use.


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