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The Stonex’s UVC disinfection solutions archive a 99,9% disinfection rate for any space

Stonex ultraviolet disinfection solutions allow cleaning teams to effectively disinfect any space. Stonex’s ultraviolet technology achieves a disinfection rate of more than 99.9%, producing the inactivation of viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, yeasts, and various spores.

Ultraviolet radiation destroys the genetic material of microorganisms, preventing them from performing their vital functions and thus causing infections. Stonex has surface, object and air disinfection equipment that adapts to any type of space and needs.

Stonex distributes surface disinfection equipment such as UVL150 or mobile disinfection towers such as UVM216, adapted to each space and with all security measures, such as presence sensors, delayed start or remote control, which guarantee safety and efficiency, in addition to a easy to use control for cleaning personnel.

Air disinfection solutions allow them to be used with people in the room in total safety. Moreover, the equipment has a certification of no external radiation, and reach a 99.93% disinfection rate.  The equipment constantly recirculates the air according to the volume and are the most appropriate solution to prevent infections of pathogens by airborne transmission.

The effectiveness of Stonex’s technology is certified by the Biotec Laboratory and has been tested with various non external radiation tests by the University of Hamburg and Candel Tech. Thanks to these certifications and their security measures, they follow UNE0068 and the Ministry of Health’s recommendations. Stonex has a large experience and a focus on innovation, so it offers personalized training and advice.

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