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LI-ION Series, the new range of LAVOR floor scrubber dryers with lithium batteries presented at the Cleaning Show in London

Lavor is always committed to the requests and developments of the market and thanks to its experience and know-how as a manufacturer of floor scrubber dryer machines, as well as cleaning equipments in general, has developed a new range of floor scrubber dryers with lithium batteries with the aim to offer its customers increasingly effective, competitive and innovative products with a high level of productivity.

This latest development is the result of the company’s constant attention to the continuous improvement of the product range to offer scrubber dryers that require low maintenance, have low maintenance costs and, last but not least, are extremely easy to use. Now, with this improved range of models with standard lithium batteries, these features are further improved, increasing the level of productivity and reducing overall cleaning costs in the long run.

Lithium batteries, in fact, compared to traditional Pb-Acid or Gel batteries, are extremely light and easily transportable, have very fast charging cycles (up to 80% in one hour) and can be used several times in the span of a working day, have low operating and maintenance costs, have a high cyclical duration, are minimally affected by the self-discharge phenomenon, thus reducing the need for maintenance on scrubber dryers that face long periods of inactivity, are not stressed by partial recharging cycles and, finally, they are more ecological.

The LI-ION Series range currently consists of three models of compact walk-behind scrubber dryers, with scrubbing width from 36 to 45 centimeters, QUICK 36B Li / DART 38B Li / DYNAMIC 45B Li, which will expand soon with other ride-on models to cover the whole range of market requests.

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