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Hygienalia 2023 lectures to address challenges of digitalization and sustainable management in cleaning sector

The fair takes place from 7th to 9th this November in hall 3 at IFEMA Madrid and features a series of lectures delivered by experts that will address the challenges and new forms of management in the professional cleaning and hygiene sector.

Valencia, 27th October 2023.- Hygienalia, Spain’s foremost event for the professional cleaning and hygiene industry, has programmed a series of lectures to be delivered by experts during this upcoming edition of the fair, which takes place from 7th to 9th this coming November in Hall 3 of Madrid’s IFEMA exhibition centre.

The lectures are being delivered in a dedicated space alongside Hygienalia 2023’s commercial zone and have been scheduled as two morning and two afternoon sessions on 7th and 8th November. The lectures will address issues that are of concern to the industry such as the challenges digitalization and professional management present to companies in the industry in a context of environmental and sustainability-centred challenges.

Managing cleaning in swimming pools and sports facilities

The lecture programme begins on the Tuesday morning just after the fair opens, with what has become a traditional session organised by One Drop. Specialist journalist Rubén Vinagre will be moderating the session, which will include an insight into internal and external services, given by consultant Manel Valcarce, and a practical example of cleaning and disinfecting in sports facilities by Julio Llames, of the Municipal Sports Foundation in Avilés.

Next up, an interesting panel of members of trade associations AFELIN and ASPEL will be using the latest statistics for the industry to assess the challenges Spain’s professional cleaning sector faces. The panel includes Jesús Martín (AFELIN and AELMA), Juan Díez de los Ríos (ASPEL), Javier Campuzano (manager, ROEL) and Jorge Martín, editor Empresa & Limpieza magazine.

In the afternoon, Joaquín Montesinos, of ISSA EMEA and Althea Management Solutions, will take an in-depth look at how methodology can help achieve the UN2023 objectives.

The first day of the Hygienalia 2023 lecture programme will close with a presentation on the new ‘marketplace’ for the chemicals industry launched by Quimeltia, which has addressed the sector’s digital transformation full-on by creating a B2B platform designed specifically for the industry.

New models and trends in management

An intensive session of the lecture programme begins first thing in the morning of the second day of Hygienalia. Organised by trade association AERCE, it will address the management of services at facilities and the new trends in management. The session will look at some of the solutions the market is coming up with to the changing offering of products and services and the new habits being driven by remote working.

The session will last all morning and AERCE director general Sara Ruiz is expected to give the keynote speech. The session will comprise two main blocks: the first, moderated by Joaquín Montesinos (Athena MS), will centre on the new trends in cleaning services, with speakers including Axelles Despatures (ONET), Eric Taga (Parques Reunidos), Manuel Vinaroz (Ale-Hop) and Fabio Carrasco (Grupo Siempre Clean).

The second bock will take a deep dive into the management of spaces and people, with speakers including Ana Travesedo (KPMG), Bethsabee Plaza (Iskaypet), Vanessa Hueros (Adecco), Nuria Gómez (Securitas Direct), José A. Rodríguez (ISS) and Joaquín Marco (3G Office).

The late afternoon session of this second day will see the Hygienalia 2023 lecture programme come to a close with two fresh presentations. The first will reveal a new solution developed by Christeyns for washing fabrics, given by Javier Febrer, Reme Zacarés, Carlos Millán and Sandra Gámez; whilst last but not least, a presentation organised by ISSA Pulire Network and given by specialist Joaquín Montesinos will review minimum standards of responsibility in hygiene.

Parallel events at Hygienalia 2023

The lecture series is in addition to other activities running in parallel with the fair, which is staged by Feria Valencia and complements the comercial side of the event, set to feature more than 130 exhibitors. The other parallel activities include the Green Line’, ‘Red Line’ and Shine Line’themed areas. The first showcases environmentally friendly products and solutions, the second focuses on the innovative aspects of selected products and the third features demonstrations of crystallizing flooring.

Lastly, Hygienalia is introducing ‘Robot Line’ this year, a new area dedicated to innovations in and demonstrations of industrial cleaning robots.

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