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EXCENTR, the technology of the future

Excentr is a young Dutch manufacturer of innovative cleaning machines. Since thebeginning of 2015 we are active worldwide and tell about the Excentr Method to professionals, mainly in the cleaning industry.

We develop machines with spearheads: durability, solidity and efficiency. In our machines you will only find heavy quality parts. Our machines are therefore largely made of stainless steel. We produce our machines with the greatest care and are convinced that they are ”extremely solid”.


The Excentr Method is connected to the revolutionary Excentr machines. It is a very effective way of floor cleaning and floor maintenance. Our machines are designed in such a way (a.o. rectangular) that the corners are also easily reached.

The pads make 2850 rounds of 7 mm per minute. This makes the mechanical operation unparalleled. In contrast to, for example, rotating single-disc machines, the pad always makes completely flat contact with the floor surface. As a result, these machines are very constant in their cleaning performance and also effortless to operate. It is particularly easy and relaxed to work with the Excentr machines. To guarantee fast and perfect results on almost every floor, the pressure on the pad is adjustable between 17 to 120 kg (depending on the type of machine and number of weights). There are many different pads and accessories to achieve maximum results on every floor.

– 4 times faster
– Reach corners and hard to reach places
– Everyone can use the machines without any physical efforts
– Deep cleaning due to small movement
– Chemical free (reduction of 95%)

Learn more at www.excentr.com

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