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Cleanpill disifectant tablets by Orache Desinfection

Orache Desinfection is a referent in the world of disinfection, thanks to the manufacture of its Cleanpill disinfectant tablets. Orache Desinfection, started in 2012 and is areferent in the world of disinfection, thanks to the manufacture of Cleanpill disinfectant tablets, substitutes for conventional liquid bleach.

Located in Sabiñánigo (Huesca), the company in the chemical sector is specialized in the manufacture and marke ting of disinfectant tablets and is also responsible for distribution to the customer. Orache is present on 5 continents , in a total of 53 countries . It is sold to supermarkets, distributors, and the end customer. Innovation has allowed us to grow and continue with the expansion. Orache works continuously committed to quality and R&D, being accredited by certifications such as ISO 90001, ISO 140001, the IFS Standard, and the implementation of the EFQM model


The product has several advantages over a liquid disinfectant. The dosage is easier, more accurate and there is greater security since liquid splashes are avoided. There is an economic saving, storage space is reduced by its packaging and there are environmental improveme nts, such as saving plastic. By way of equivalence: a pot of 48 tablets is equivalent to 6 liters of conventional liquid bleach. In the product range, Orache Desinfection high-lights its disinfectant formulas: Cleanpill tablets (generic use), Cleanpill Food Industry tablets (professional use, Horeca channel, canneries, wine cellars, etc.) and Virucidal Cleanpill tab-lets. The last ones have activity against the most resistant viruses, Covid-19; HIV, including Ebola. These disinfectant formulas are products regis-tered with the Ministry of Health, and that, thanks to their virucidal activity, have activity against Covid-19.

In addition to Cleanpill tablets, the manufacturer markets other types of tablets for the following applications: dishwasher, washing machine, urinals, wc, fryers, coffee machines, etc. Orache Desinfection, committed to a better world.

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