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Bioking, the hygiene and disinfection of sustainable future that already lives in the present

DISTRILEMA QUÍMICOS, S.L. and E-BIOKING SOLUTIONS, S.L, oriented to research, development, manufacture and marketing of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection products and, likewise, to care for the environment and people’s health, presents BIOKING, a chemical innovation in cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection.

Capable of removing any type of dirt, disinfecting and at the same time being non-harmful, non-corrosive and 100% biodegradable.
Based on a long time of research, we have managed to create a revolutionary formula, with an optimal cleaning capacity and with total sustainability for the care of the environment and the health of people.

BIOKING is a smart product, that identifies the type of residue to be eliminated and behaves like an alkaline product in the face of acidic dirt and acid in the face of alkaline dirt, still maintaining its hypoallergenic properties and taking care of the skin. The first product that exists that has an H.A. (suitable for disinfection in food hygiene) and registered in the list of disinfectants against COVID-19 totally respectful of health, surfaces, and the environment.

This is because BIOKING does not contains corrosive agents or pollutants such as phosphates, bleach, ammonia, solvents, etc.
The formula base of the BIOKING enables effective cleaning and disinfection on all types of surfaces, including the most delicate, such as wood, marble, fabrics or aluminum.

Also, it can be used both in the professional field and in the home with more than guaranteed success due to its great cleaning power.
BIOKING is ahead of the future, meeting and exceedingly even the objectives of the agenda of 2030 of Sustainable Development Objects.
But we do not stop there, our department R + D + I is already working and developing special products aimed at solving specific cleaning needs. For example, we have created, the BIOKING FOAM, specific for hygiene and disinfection in food hygiene or the BIOKING CAR range, among others.

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