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Autonomous scrubber-drier Tennant

Tennant maintains its commitment to autonomous cleaning and announces the launch of the latest autonomous scrubber-drier in the family: the T16AMR.

Tennant launched its first stand-alone solution in 2018, with the introduction of the T7AMR scrubber dryer in the United States, followed by the T380AMR model, both of which have been on the market for months in our country. Now Tennant goes one step further with the T16AMR: the first industry’s robotic cleaning machine designed for large industrial surfaces.

All Tennant autonomous scrubber models work safely and efficiently in complex real-world environments thanks to advanced vision based on BrainOS® technology.

T7AMR, T380 AMR and T16AMR are designed to:

– Drive cleaning efficiency, thanks to the teach-and-repeat system that allows you to execute set routes in full autonomy and frees employees to focus on other higher value tasks;

– Maintain a high level of cleanliness with programmed cleaning routes;

– Cylindrical scrubbing head for the industrial model T16AMR;

– Respond to common labor challenges, such as shortages or frequent turnover, with an easy-to-use robotic scrubber dryer;

– Reduce water and detergent use, saving costs and minimizing environmental impact, with ec-H2O NanoClean® technology.

– Enable you to track key performance indicators across your fleet with weekly usage reports.

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