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The Sutter Group focuses daily on the development and marketing of products, understood as chemical formulations and their packaging, that are high performance, safe for users, environmentally friendly and eco-certified.

Sutter Professional has obtained Ecolabel certification for 86 products as they have environmental labelling in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14024. Sutter Professional’s extensive Ecolabel-certified range consists of specific products for every type of use.

Of the 86 Ecolabel references, 17 are of concentrated and ultra-concentrated products that are easy to use and user-friendly, minimising product waste, packaging waste and CO2 emissions from transport.

The latest news is the Carbon Foot Print – ISO 14067 certification just obtained for 3 products in the ZERO range: Pine, Ruby and Diamond and for the FREE versions, without colour and perfume (also certified Ecolabel IT/020/009).


Sutter Professional’s bag-in-box line is the ideal and Ecolabel certified (no. IT/020/009) solution for professional cleaning in environments such as hotels and kitchens. The environment in which the most checks are carried out is certainly the kitchen, where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance in order to be able to offer excellence to one’s customers. Sutter Professional offers solutions to treat all surfaces, including those in contact with food, in compliance with current regulations in HACCP environments.

Not only surface cleaning, but also the entire laundry and dishwashing world with the new special Pick-a-box range, in bag-in-box format with the combination of detergent, sequestering agent and rinse aid with dosages that can be modified according to the needs of each specific customer.

It is safe because the operator does not come into contact with the chemical. Cost-effective because it consists of concentrated formulas for long life and less storage space. Sustainable with the use of less plastic and fewer co2 emissions. The bag-in-box is the new 10-litre format for ultra-concentrated products that offers a higher yield in sanitising and cleaning processes, while protecting the environment.


Sutter Professional continues to be at the forefront in the world of disinfection with the switch to new fifth-generation quaternary-based disinfectants with higher-performance active ingredients than the current ones. It started with the new ONDA Next (N° Registro de plaguicidas: 21-20/90-11167-HA y 21-20/90-11167) already available in various formats. The new formula maintains the persistence and note properties of the current famous Onda and adds the virucidal standard. Already available is the fragrance variant Onda Next Lime, the new CUAT Next (N° Registro de plaguicidas: 21-90-10915-HA) with virucidal properties and ideal in the HACCP world because it is colour and fragrance free.

The novelties in the Sanify world do not end because the super-concentrated variants have also been launched, on sale in the practical Easy Dose bottle for correct dilution: Onda Next Easy and Cuat Next Easy, without colour and perfume, ideal in the HACCP environment. Onda Next Easy is also available in a 5 kg canister.

Next up is the new Cleanox Plus based on oxygen and quaternary (N° Registro de plaguicidas: 22-20-11427 y 22-20-11427-HA) and among the virucidal products are the new Tabs Chlorine, chlorine-based tablets (N° Registro de plaguicidas: 21-20/90-10785 y 21-20/90-10785-HA), the new Xtra-Calc Plus, based on formic acid in a 750ml trigger (N° Registro de plaguicidas: 21-20/40/90-10922 y 21-20/40/90-10922-HA) and the brand new Onda Spray, a virucidal disinfectant for surfaces in an aerosol can based on alcohol and phenols (N° Registro de plaguicidas: 22-20/90-11460 y 22-20/90-11460-HA).


Sutter, a leader in the wax industry for over one hundred years, has developed a new formula to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Certified non-slip by UL and CAM-compliant, it guarantees unparalleled quality standards with superior gloss, high spreadability, maximum traffic resistance and extended durability. Easier maintenance and fragrance-free. To all these important pluses is now added the bacteriostatic power. The new formula is also waiting for an industrial patent, which has already been filed.


Zinc particles penetrate the nucleus of bacterial cells deposited on treated surfaces and have oligodynamic properties. The reproduction and proliferation of bacteria is permanently blocked.

The zinc particles, even when subjected to daily and prolonged cleaning, do not disperse but remain active and stable in the film in which they are embedded, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

METEOR MAXIMA complies with ISO 22196-2011, which determines the methodology for bacterial detection on surfaces. The reference method allows quantitative measurement of antibacterial activity. There is no growth of bacteria, yeasts or moulds. METEOR MAXIMA contains a calibrated percentage of zinc pyrithione, which creates a barrier against the uncontrolled multiplication of microorganisms and bioinfestants, specifically targeting germs and bacteria: laboratory tests show that after only 24 hours more than 99% of pests are effectively and durably decomposed, without the need for further additives with potentially sensitising and time-limited acting agents.



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