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Stark, professional self-manufactured cleaning equipment with the Galician seal

Stark by Ausavil is a brand with more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of solutions for cleaning professionals. Our orientation from the beginning has always been towards the satisfaction of high demanding customers in their work activities, currently holding leadership in quality and innovation within the manufacturing of industrial cleaning equipment.

We have a wide variety of products, among which stand out: pressure washers, car washes and special customized equipment, such as urban cleaning, fire fighting, unclogging…

In addition, we also have several ranges of chemical products for different sectors: automotive, naval, agricultural, industrial, as well as hydro alcoholic gels.

Our facilities, in A Estrada (Pontevedra-Spain), are equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out the product design, research and selection of the most appropriate parts in the manufacture process for the products, assembly and testing of the machines, as well as wholesale distribution.


SAIC, professional electric hot water pressure washer ideal for cleaning in industry, mechanical workshops, shipyards… It is one of our most outstanding models, and which has undergone a renovation in terms of its stainless steel design.

SGFE, professional cold-water gasoline pressure washer used mainly in construction tasks, unclogging and in sectors such as livestock and agriculture. Ideal for carrying out cleaning work in places where electricity is not available. This model has also undergone ergonomic changes, as well as aesthetic changes to its stainless steel chassis.

In addition to these renovations, this year we have also developed a new model of professional cold-water gasoline pressure washer: the SGFP 200/12

This comfortable model offers high quality dirt removal in the food sector, automotive, industry and in domestic areas such as gardens, terraces, swimming pools…

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