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New solutions by Grupo Maya

Grupo Maya is proud to present its latest additions at the Hygienalia 2023 trade fair. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and efficiency, we will showcase new innovative products that will make a difference in waste management and professional cleaning.

The Neo Ecosort 70-liter waste bin is a solid solution for waste management in a variety of environments. Its compact and versatile design fits into tight spaces with a generous 70-liter capacity. In addition, its integrated handles make transport easy, and the bag holder prevents slippage, maintaining cleanliness and order.

The new Ultra Plus cloth stands out for its commitment to sustainability and exceptional cleaning capability. With 52.5% of certified recycled material by GRS, this cloth significantly contributes to waste reduction and responsible resource use. Furthermore, it can be washed up to 500 times, extending its lifespan and reducing waste generation. Last but not least, Grupo Maya is pleased to exclusively present at the Hygienalia 2023 trade fair an innovative flat mopping system. This unique product promises significant water and time savings, in addition to being environmentally friendly. More details will be revealed during the event, where visitors can experience this innovation firsthand

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