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New Quimeltia marketplace, key innovation for the spanish chemical industry

In a world driven by digital transformation and online commerce, marketplaces stand out as engines of change in the industry. These platforms, which have evolved from their humble beginnings, offer a range of crucial benefits for the Spanish chemical industry.

A specific marketplace for the detergents and disinfectants industry could open new doors nationally and internationally, providing unprecedented visibility to sector companies. Moreover, it would serve as a meeting point to foster collaboration and innovation within the industry.

Optimizing the supply chain is another crucial aspect, as the marketplace would connect raw material suppliers more effectively with chemical product manufacturers and distributors. Additionally, in a highly regulated sector, this space could facilitate the exchange of information regarding regulatory compliance and safety standards, promoting trust and transparency.

In collaboration with AIDIMME and ESPERTIS, QUIMELTIA is leading a project to promote the circular economy among companies associated with ASOC QUIMELTIA CV. In summary, marketplaces are essential today and represent a unique opportunity to drive the success and competitiveness of the Spanish chemical industry on the global stage.

On this occasion, QUIMELTIA will be located at stand c90; we look forward to seeing you all!

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