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New batteries for cleaning machines by DAISA

DAISA, Distribuidora Acumuladores Importados, S.A. (C-75 booth), has a long experience of more than 39 years as a specialist distributor and offers its customers the most complete range of batteries, chargers and testers. As Master Distributor of the American manufacturer Trojan, No. 1 in Deep Cycle Technology, presents in this edition of Hygienalia 2023 these new batteries, that best suit for use in cleaning machines:

  • Trojan AES (Advanced Energy Storage) sealed, maintenance-free, stand out for their constant performance, more autonomy, operation in adverse temperature and working conditions, they also admit partial recharges; backed by a 3 year Warranty.
  • Trojan lithium-ion technology, with advanced safety (4 redundant safety levels), 15% more capacity than equivalent models from the competition, fast and partial recharging, flexible capacity, long service life, and an 8-year warranty.

DAISA completes its battery offer with brands such as Fulltrac (PzS, PzV traction batteries), Fullriver, MK, DEKA, Ritar (AGM and Gel technology, without maintenance), as well as Conventional and High Frequency chargers, to cover absolutely any need in the Cleaning market.

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