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Identity Soap 1000 by Lucart Professional

Lucart Professional offers a wide range of products and dispensing systems to meet all the needs of the professional world with the aim of ensuring reliability, performance and sustainability. These features are also encapsulated in the new soap dispensing system, Identity Soap 1000.

The Identity Soap 1000 system from Lucart Professional boasts a complete range of 100% Made in Lucart soaps, a guarantee of quality and supply chain control. All soaps are made with ingredients of natural origin, are biodegradable and designed to meet the different needs of the professional world, thanks to the four fragrances available:

  • Premium Liquid, an EU Ecolabel-certified liquid formulation, characterised by a soft, creamy texture and elegant camellia scent that make it ideal for environments where quality and well-being are paramount. Its special formulation with Argan Oil gives it smoothing, nourishing and moisturising properties for a gentle and regenerating cleansing experience;
  • Frequent Foam, a hypoallergenic and EU Ecolabel-certified soap foam, enriched with aloe vera extract, known for its energising, moisturising and skin-purifying properties, and fragrance-free, making it ideal for use in contexts such as food preparation areas;
  • Classic Foam, a soap enriched with almond oil renowned for its emollient properties. It is nourishing and revitalising for the skin, gentle, dermatologically tested and EU Ecolabel certified. Its floral notes pleasantly activate the senses for an engaging and positive cleansing experience;
  • Essential Foam, foam soap with a neutral fragrance that provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness. It is dermatologically tested and gentle on the skin. Its versatility makes it ideal in any context of use, for hands that are always soft and clean.

The system is then completed by a dispenser with a distinctive and timeless design, typical of Lucart Professional’s Identity range, available in white and black variants, and designed to ensure extreme ease of installation and maintenance, thanks also to the new disposable pump refills, which hermetically protect the contents of the bottle while guaranteeing total safety and hygiene.

With the Identity Soap 1000 line, the Identity range from Lucart Professional represents a complete and harmonious set of solutions for dispensing systems needed in the bathroom.

Evolving means working to build a better present and a more sustainable future. This is Lucart Professional’s idea of progress, which with Identity concretises 4 values: sustainability, design, efficiency and hygiene.

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