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Exciting i-team Global innovations at Hygienalia 2023

As many as 5 innovative i-team Global products will be exhibited at the Hygienalia in Madrid from 6-8 November. These innovations promise to revolutionize the way we approach commercial cleaning, making it more efficient, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable.

A sneak peek of what i-team global will show:

i-mop Pro V23. i-team Global has launched the i-mop pro v23, featuring i-balance technology for stability at any angle during cleaning tasks. Easy-click systems make part replacement hassle-free, including wheels, squeegees, splash guards, and batteries. . The brushless vacuum motor on the i-mop pro increases the runtime by 20% (resulting in 90 mins with i-charge 2) and a quiet cleaning mode. Batteries now include LED displays and a built-in phone holder with a charger. i-link software is included by default, allowing for tracking and preventive maintenance.

i-bin hygiene. The i-bin hygiene is a revolutionary sanitary bin. Say goodbye to unsightly, unhygienic, and odorous sanitary bins of the past. Say hello to touchless operation, odor-sealing technology, antimicrobial protection and eco-friendly materials. i-bin is equipped with sensors that monitor its fill level, packaging material status, and battery life. Real-time data is transmitted to cleaning service providers, enabling more efficient planning. This feature is especially beneficial for cleaning companies that still follow analog procedures. The three indicators on the front, turning green, blinking red, and solid red, provide clear status updates, with red indicating a safety protocol.

Co-botic 1700. Introducing the co-botic™ 1700, your collaborative cleaning partner. Unlike traditional robots, this co-bot doesn’t replace the human cleaner: it collaborates with the cleaner. The co-botic™ 1700 lightens the workload by handling repetitive tasks, such as cleaning large floor areas. With three editions – standard, Drop & Go, and Pro -, the co-botic™ 1700 offers versatility. The standard edition comes with a discreet charging station, while the Drop & Go edition is portable. The Pro edition even features a built-in hotspot. This efficient cleaning partner can operate continuously for up to 270 minutes, minimizes energy consumption, and enhances safety by eliminating the need for cables and by setting virtual boundaries.

Co-botic 45. The co-botic™ 45 isn’t just a robotic scrubber-dryer: it’s a partner in cleanliness. By tackling repetitive tasks and cleaning large floor areas, the co-botic™ 45 lightens the load, reducing the risk of strain injuries and improving efficiency. With its rapid setup, map creation through the co-botics app, and 24/7 availability, it seamlessly integrates with your team. Plus, it’s cleaner, greener, and safer – using minimal water and power, while sparing your cleaner from strenuous postures. The co-botic™ 45: a smart solution for more efficient cleaning..

ORBOT. ORBOT is synonymous with cutting-edge cleaning technology. Their product lineup includes an array of innovative cleaning machines designed to redefine your cleaning experience:

  • ORBOT MICRO: Experience cleaning efficiency in small spaces like never before.
  • ORBOT SLIM: Discover the sleek and powerful cleaning solution with ORBOT SLIM.
  • ORBOT LIO: Achieve exceptional results for mid-size cleaning tasks with ORBOT LIO.
  • ORBOT VIBE: Versatile and budget-friendly, ORBOT VIBE tackles all your cleaning tasks.
  • ORBOT SPRAYBORG: Delivers uninterrupted cleaning power.
  • ORBOT LIFE: Enjoy the freedom of cordless cleaning and superior performance with ORBOT LIFE.

About i-team Global
i-team Global focuses on the development and design of high-quality cleaning machines, products, and tools, ranging from scrubbers and vacuum cleaners to lighting solutions and microfiber pads. Our mission is to simplify the entire cleaning process and inspire a new approach to commercial cleaning that is cleaner, greener, and more efficient.

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