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WILLMOP 50: Ecoray Sanitizer upright scrubber dryer

Willmop 50 Ecoray in addition to all features of the revolutionary Willmop 50 upright scrubber dryer, integrates the innovative Ecoray system with ultraviolet rays (UV-C). The UV-C ray emitter, located after the squeegee, allows to wash, dry and sanitize the floor in a single wipe. Cleaning with chemicals only temporarily removes contaminants while with exposure […]

Cleanpill disifectant tablets by Orache Desinfection

Orache Desinfection is a referent in the world of disinfection, thanks to the manufacture of its Cleanpill disinfectant tablets. Orache Desinfection, started in 2012 and is areferent in the world of disinfection, thanks to the manufacture of Cleanpill disinfectant tablets, substitutes for conventional liquid bleach. Located in Sabiñánigo (Huesca), the company in the chemical sector […]

JUSMER presents its new brand JUSMERplus

JUSMER, S.L. is present at HYGIENALIA21 as “JUSMERplus” to show its exclusives and innovations in technology and sustainability. JUSMERplus brings together the most disruptive in the sector, from ICErobotics IoT scrubbers (fleet control with i-SYNERGY, all-inclusive subscription) to TERSANO’s Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO, the only 100% ecological multipurpose sanitizing cleaner), through Intelligence Artificial from the […]

TTS presents Lampo: extraordinary becomes ordinary

The first paradigm of cleaning is that one handle corresponds to one tool, TTS presents Lampo to take you to the next level: one handle per trolley with all the tools you may need. Lampo is the first immediate fixing and releasing system designed to tidy up the cleaning trolley creating the space to carry […]

EXCENTR, the technology of the future

Excentr is a young Dutch manufacturer of innovative cleaning machines. Since thebeginning of 2015 we are active worldwide and tell about the Excentr Method to professionals, mainly in the cleaning industry. We develop machines with spearheads: durability, solidity and efficiency. In our machines you will only find heavy quality parts. Our machines are therefore largely […]

EnSURE™ Touch, implementing ATP Cleaning Verification in Janitorial and Sanitation Processes

Cleaning and disinfection procedures are an essential component of environmental prevention and control plans. Carrying out cleaning and disinfection tasks on surfaces, furniture in buildings and commercial premises by selecting the appropriate techniques, products and equipment allows us to carry out hygiene and prevent contamination. Hygiena™ ATP Cleaning Verification Systems help organizations achieve optimal standardized […]