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Ambinature unveils innovations in scent marketing and premium cleaning solutions

Presentation of Superconcentrados and Advances in Fragrance Customization

Ambinature, a leader in scent marketing and premium hygiene solutions, enthusiastically announces its participation in the upcoming Hygienalia 2023 fair, to be held from November 7 to 9 in Hall 3 of IFEMA, Madrid. At this event, Ambinature will present its innovative Superconcentrados, a revolution in the world of cleaning and hygiene, as well as its advancements in fragrance creation and customization.

Ambinature’s perfumed Superconcentrados represent a qualitative leap in cleaning, offering a range of seven highly effective and eco-friendly products. Conventional cleaning products are typically composed of 95% water and only 5% active substances. Ambinature has taken a step forward with its Superconcentrados, offering scented cleaning products. This innovation not only represents significant water savings but also reduces the need for plastic packaging and minimizes the space required for storage and transportation. By reducing the logistical footprint, they actively contribute to environmental protection. Additionally, their Superconcentrates maintain exceptional efficacy, allowing deep cleaning with less effort, less product, and making their use more practical and convenient.

Ambinature stands out for its unique ability to create any imaginable fragrance, constantly updating its scent portfolio. The company offers the possibility of incorporating the client’s signature scent into all systems, such as aerosols, sprays, nebulization, electric, hydroalcoholic, bacteriostatic, reed diffusers, perfumes, and, of course, in cleaning products, providing a personalized and distinctive olfactory experience.

At the fair, Ambinature will also provide information about its upcoming proprietary technology, including a new hydroalcoholic diffuser and an update of its successful electric system, reaffirming its position as a leading manufacturer in the sector.

“Ambinature is proud to be a benchmark in scent marketing and professional ambiance. Our participation in Hygienalia 2023 is an opportunity to showcase our innovations and reaffirm our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customization in the world of professional ambiance and cleaning,” says Rubén Benavente, CEO of Ambinature.

About Ambinature: With its own offices in Spain, Andorra, and Mexico, Ambinature stands out as a manufacturer and expert in scent marketing, professional ambiance, and cleaning and hygiene solutions. Dedicated to the manufacturing and customization of fragrances and cleaning products for a unique sensory experience, creating tailored olfactory and cleaning solutions, meeting the specific needs of their clients.

Media contact: Sergio Vela  –  sergiovela@ambinature.com  –  637602914

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