Why visit

The extensive range of what is on offer at the fair includes more than 300 major sectors and associated products.

A wide variety of exhibitors, each approved by the directors of the fair and its organising committee, thus guaranteeing buyers maximum quality and product range.

Manufacturers, importers, subsidiary companies, retail groups and distributors with a nationwide remit:

  • Chemical products for general cleaning, maintenance, laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Pest control products: fungicides, insecticides, traps, repellents, disinfecting systems etc.
  • Interior cleaning equipment: sweepers, vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines, high pressure water cleaners, waxers, polishers etc.
  • Street and external cleaning equipment: for public works, street and beach cleaners, high-pressure water- and air-cleaners etc.
  • Equipment for vehicles: carpet cleaners, tunnel car washes, self-service etc.
  • Specialised equipment: in situ cleaning, spraying for livestock, centralised vacuum services, elevator platforms, foam spraying systems for cleaning etc.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning equipment: washing and ironing machines, drying systems, folding machines, wet cleaning equipment etc.
  • Spares and accessories for machinery (brushes, pads etc).
  • Cellulose products
  • Automatic systems, hand driers, dispensers for chemical products, paper etc
  • Cloth items (scourers, sponges, various kinds of mop etc) and in metal and plastic (window scrapers, brushes, brooms etc).
  • Trolleys, containers, waste paper baskets and other cleaning accessories.
  • Rubbish/trash bags, plastic film, aluminium foil etc.
  • Measuring and control devices (temperature, humidity, pH level etc).
  • Professional clothing and protective material, both general and for personal safety (masks, gloves etc).

Companies offering related services:

  • Management software for cleaning and maintenance
  • Laboratories offering analysis of chemical and biological tests
  • Certifying bodies
  • Pest control and disinfection services
  • Associations and other professional bodies
  • Cleaning companies
  • Training centres
  • The media
  • Etc.

Sectors and Products

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