Why to exhibit

Hygienalia+Pulire is businesslike, efficient and cost effective

In managing its two previous trade fairs. Hygienalia+Pulire has proved itself to be a guarantee of success since it is an organisation that works with and for the sector and is the only such fair in Spain to bring together all elements of a key sector in the Spanish economy.

Its Organising Committee is formed of acknowledged experts in the sector, each of whom has extensive experience in organising trade shows and fairs. They are joined by representatives from major companies active in the sector who are aware of and can anticipate what is required in order to make Hygienalia+Pulire a versatile, profitable forum for clients, exhibitors and visitors.

For this, the third Hygienalia+Pulire, we have once more responded to the requirements of the market. So, for example, after consultation with major partners, we have altered the date of the next Hygienalia+Pulire in order to fit in with the international fairs calendar so that a greater number of companies and professionals, both national and international, may take part.

Hygienalia+Pulire is the time and place to do business

Contact new clients. Discover new sales opportunities and take advantage of the opportunity to present yourself in a different manner in a competitive environment.

Build client loyalty. Loyalty means more than simply retaining or sustaining a client base. A satisfied client brings in new clients.

Seek partnerships in order to create a more competitive sales structure. Meet agents, distributors and licensed dealers; foster relations and organise business or training meetings…

Hygienalia+Pulire is the time and place to be seen

Display your latest products. The ideal forum for presenting to the public the effort and investment that have gone into your most recent products.

Visibility. See and be seen. Benefit from a high profile for visitors who have the capacity to place orders and purchase.

Confidence. Being part of a key sector event such as Hygienalia+Pulire helps to build a sound professional reputation.

Value for money. For a flexible investment that can be tailored to every kind of company, reach key clients and market segments in a short space of time.

Hygienalia+Pulire is the time and place to advance your business

Information. The high number of professional visitors stimulates a ready, face-to-face exchange of impressions, a constant flow of information in a short time, the interplay of ideas and viewpoints and the chance to get to know potential partners.

Training. Displaying products, round tables, sectoral reports, press conferences, competitions… every kind of content and manner of presentation from a variety of viewpoints.


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