Sectors and products

Hygienalia+Pulire was first established with the aim of bringing together within one exhibition all those sectors that form a part of our industry.

The scope of the exhibition is both comprehensive and wide-ranging. Participants include major companies that are active in the more specialised areas of the sector, such as machinery, tools and chemical products. Also exhibiting are firms that represent more cross-cutting interests but which also form part of the value chain of the cleaning industry: pest control, the natural environment, the service providers, car washes, uniforms and so on.

  • Chemical products for general cleaning, maintenance, laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Pest control products: fungicides, insecticides, traps, repellents, disinfecting systems etc.
  • Interior cleaning equipment: sweepers, vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines, high pressure water cleaners, waxers, polishers etc.
  • Street and external cleaning equipment: for public works, street and beach cleaners, high-pressure water- and air-cleaners etc.
  • Equipment for vehicles: carpet cleaners, tunnel car washes, self-service etc.
  • Specialised equipment: in situ cleaning, spraying for livestock, centralised vacuum services, elevator platforms, foam spraying systems for cleaning etc.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning equipment: washing and ironing machines, drying systems, folding machines, wet cleaning equipment etc.
  • Spares and accessories for machinery (brushes, pads etc).
  • Cellulose products
  • Automatic systems, hand driers, dispensers for chemical products, paper etc
  • Cloth items (scourers, sponges, various kinds of mop etc) and in metal and plastic (window scrapers, brushes, brooms etc).
  • Trolleys, containers, waste paper baskets and other cleaning accessories.
  • Rubbish/trash bags, plastic film, aluminium foil etc.
  • Measuring and control devices (temperature, humidity, pH level etc).
  • Professional clothing and protective material, both general and for personal safety (masks, gloves etc).

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Solutions, Quality, Functionality, Technology

A large variety of products exist that are designed to make the job of cleaning easier.

To find day to day solutions is the constant promise that the manufacturers of accessories provide.  Always at the cutting edge of technology, innovating and developing products and materials with varies qualities, including:

  • Electrical hand dryers, Paper Dispensers, Rooms Sprays, Insect Killers, Machinery components Textiles Automated Dose Dispensers and soap dispensers Utilities: Brushes, bins, sponges, mops, cloths, cleaning trollies, etc.
  • Other trollies and containers Rubbish bags, plastic films, other such amenities.
  • Others.


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Continual research, respect for the Environment, specialization of materials

With the aim of maintaining a continuous development of research techniques and always prioritising care for the Environment, attending and exhibiting at Hygienalia+Pulire is fundamental in order to demonstrate the constant technological evolution and different uses of cellulose, such as the manufacture of cloths, tablecloths, industrial spools and rolls, hand and face drying towels and rolls, serviettes, tissues, toilet rolls etc. – In sum, all of the possibilities applicable to professional cleaning and hygiene.


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Efficient Formulas, Quality, R&D

Exhibitors will include providers of Chemicals products for all sectors: soaps, handwash, detergents, disinfectants, chemical/sanitary products, personal care products, ecc.


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Sustainability, ecology, green business

In present times where climate change and renewable energy are key factors in the development of the planet, hygiene has a key role and plays a central part. The environmental hygiene sector should give equal precedence to the care and maintenance of both the local (plant, Installation etc.) and the wider ecosystem. Hygiene is vital for the effective maintenance of our ecosystem. Neither can we forget the organic wastes that are produced in markets, hospitality, residential areas, industry etc.

Businesses are becoming more and more aware of the need to be up to date with the norms for control and quality and respect to the Environment, gradually adopting a “green policy”.


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Innovation, Technology, Necessity

IC_MAQUINARIAState of the art technology has a fundamental role in being able to produce and provide Machinery capable of resolving the daily problems associated with Cleaning in different circumstances, and on all kinds of surfaces.

For this reason, Hygienalia+Pulire will be making available a varied showroom of different types of machinery for:

  • Interiors and Exteriors (including road cleaning)

Sweepers, Washers, Polishers, vacuum cleaners etc.

  • Car washes

The service station industry needs to rely on products provided by professional specialists in order to be able to offer complete service to their customers.


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Cleanliness, Care and a Professional Approach

LAVANDERIAFactors that promote constant innovation in this sector include improving the quality of services, balancing budgets, sustainability and the optimum use of time and resources.

On display at Hygienalia+Pulire is equipment for drying, washing and ironing, pressure and steam presses etc and a wide range of items for laundromats, small businesses or major chains who seek the very best that is available


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Health, Prevention and Quality

Hygiene is an essential element in certain sectors, such as the food industry, where it is also impinges upon public health. Everywhere, it has important consequences and economic after effects (loss and deterioration of products, materials, equipment etc).

Prevention and proactive methods are vital. Hygienalia+Pulire is the ideal forum for companies active in pest control, disinfection, systems design, equipment and machinery, insecticides, environmental health, the food industry, deodorising, water treatment, air quality, disinfectants etc to present their latest initiatives and to inform and advise clients.


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Experience, Training, Application Methods, the human factor

To offer a specific service is not an easy task: each problem requires a tailored solution.  For this reason, businesses offering cleaning services have carried out specialised more and more – from waste extraction, urban cleaning, cleaning of interiors & exteriors, until other essential needs.

Experience, continual training and different methodologies and the key points of an excellent global offer; for this reason Hygienalia aims to “discover” this side of the sector and reaffirm its importance, demonstrating specific solutions to address the needs of diverse sectors.

Exhibiting companies include those providing all types of cleaning services – integrated or specific solutions: Cleaning of all types of pavements, glass, construction, floor polishing, hospital cleaning, graffiti removal, disinfection, office cleaning, etc.


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Design, quality, security, protection

Always keeping up to date with design trends and maintaining a high quality of materials, the uniform sector is becoming stronger due to the various norms and regulations, and the constant need to maintain a high level of personal safety.

Moreover, the importance of protection through work clothing, and accessories to maintain the effectivity and protection of employees is growing year on year.

Recent European regulations, and the provision of uniforms that correspond to the regulations for the hospitality, Transport, Medical, Industrial, Government and construction sectors is essential.



Hygienalia+Pulire is targeted at ALL sectors that benefit from professional hygiene and cleaning, as even though each market is different – hotel chains, gyms, health centres, hospitals, restaurants, hospitals, geriatric hospitals, laundries, etc; all have a common need of providing excellent service to their clients.

Innovation continues in those sectors that achieve the greatest return with the most effective production.

The organisation will be bringing together professionals from diverse industries to visit the event, such as from the hospitality sector, the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, public administrations, educational institutions, service stations, transports, construction etc.  In essence, Hygienalia+Pulire represents a multisectoral meeting place bringing together key buyers and suppliers for the professional cleaning industry.

Make use of our online tools to identify and communicate with your market before the event, also to disseminate promotional messages, news and offers for potential clients.

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