Shine Line Promotion

Monographs. A specific E-Newsletter will be sent to the pre-registered professionals of the companies participating in this area before the event.

Frequency: As many newsletters as may be necessary for the number of participants (a minimum of 3 companies per e-mail and a maximum of 8)


  • List/company logos
  • Product news

– A post-event E-Newsletter will be sent to all visitors to Hygienalia+Pulire 2015

– A press release will be issued to the media before the event giving a list of the companies participating and the demonstration programme. Information on Shine Line products will be included in the various dossiers that will be given to the press during the fair.

– On the website a special Shine Line section will be prepared in Parallel Events to include detailed information on each of the companies participating, the machinery they will use, and the time of their demonstrations.

– During the fair the time of the demonstrations will be clearly indicated outside this area on a totem and will also be given in the Visitors’ Guide (material given to all visitors including a definitive plan and the full programme).