Shine Line

Special Treatments. Flooring


Shine Line is one of the great Hygienalia+Pulire novelties of this edition. This project will take the form of a demo area in which the leading companies in the sector will carry out the crystallisation of various flooring surfaces live in such a way that they can explain its effect and show the results. This is a great opportunity for clients to become familiar with a process requiring personnel that are highly specialised in the use of the machinery and naturally of the appropriate products,


1. “Shine Line” participation regulations

At least 4 companies must participate in Shine Line and there must be no more than 8 participants.

The companies who wish to participate in this demo area must be Hygienalia+Pulire exhibitors and may give at least 1 demonstration per day and exhibit 1 machine and/or 1 crystallising liquid in this space.


2. Shine Line” operation during Hygienalia+Pulire

Shine Line consists of two areas, an exhibition area and a demonstration area.

Demonstration area

This space consists of two areas of calcareous flooring, one of marble and one of terrazzo. Each company will carry out 3 demonstrations (1 per day). One of these will be given on one type of flooring and two on the other type depending on the definitive timetable (this will be strictly in order of registration and cannot be modified).

Each company may arrive 1 hour in advance to prepare the flooring and remove the treatment of the previous demo; it will have 1 hour to give its demonstration.

This lighted space will have an electrical panel and a power point for the machines.

Each company will have a hand and/or lavalier microphone for explaining the process during its demonstration and for the preliminary presentation.

Exhibition area

Adjacent to the demo area, an exhibition area (of approx. 1 x 1 m) will be prepared for each company in which it may exhibit 1 machine and/or 1 crystallising liquid. Each company will place next to its products a sign bearing its logo, the product name, and the stand number.


3. The “Station” sign in the stand

1. Only two “station” signs can be placed in the stand.

2. The organisation will provide two 297 x 420 mm units.

3. Exhibitors can make their own version of the sign as long as it follows the original design.  In this case, the maximum permitted size is 600 x 800 mm.

Provided by the organisation:

  • Size of the sign: 297 x 420 mm.
  • Units available: 2
  • Material: adhesive paper

Made by the exhibitor:

  • Maximum size: 600 x 800 mm.
  • Minimum size: 297 x 420 mm.
  • Units to be made: 2
  • Material: adhesive paper


4. Promotion. Where and how “Shine Line” is promoted.

The organisation is committed to promoting and publicising participant’s products.  With this objective, there is a wide range of promotional activities, designed to make visitors and sector professionals, 365 days a year and, of course, throughout the event itself. Your products are guaranteed to be noticed.

Onsite Promotion Online Promotion
 5. “Shine Line” Participation Fee and Application Form

The participation fee is €400+VAT. A single payment should be made via bank transfer to:

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria – Account number: 0182 5941 41 0201505396/ Feria Valencia

If the payment is not made as specified, the Organisation reserves the right to automatically cancel the participation of the exhibitor in question.

It is essential to fill in the form available in PDF correctly and to send it to the offices of the organization. Places are limited and the definitive acceptance of participation in this project is the competence of the Trade Fair Management and the Organising Committee, which may reject those applications that in their opinion are not in keeping with the theme.

The deadline for applications is the 7th of October, 2017. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Shine Line 2017 Application Form


6. Shine Line product information sheet – online information 365 days a year

Once registered as a participant, you will be able to update your products that appear in the Shine Line Exhibitors Catalogue on the website until the 1st December, 2018.

Please remember that it is very important that you complete this step correctly, including all the information that the system allows: photo, name, certificate, description and technical data.