Green Line

Products that care for the Environment

Ever since the first of its trade shows, Hygienalia+Pulire has constantly had sustainability in mind. Conscious of its commitment, and that of its exhibitors, to the development of products and services that are environmentally friendly, it has reinstated the Green Line initiative whereby companies can highlight their greenest products in a simple, effective way.


1. Rules of participation for the “Green Line”

Commitment and mutual trust between the exhibitor and the organisers are essential to ensuring that this project achieves the recognition and quality that we all hope for. The organisation will not, under any circumstances, be judging the products and services of companies that decide to take part in The Green Line.

You can promote a maximum of 5 products, services or initiatives which are ecological or care in some way for the environment (through their use or production: saving water, saving energy, lowering emissions of CO2 and other gases, products/services that are safe for human, animal and plant life, etc.). Other aspects that can be promoted include measures that make transport more efficient, that reduce packaging, that use renewable energy in the place of manufacture, that employ electrical vehicles or any other actions that have been designed to lessen our impact on the environment.

The filter used to screen products will be that of the market itself, professionals will evaluate and test the products/services to ascertain their attributes (recyclable, biodegradable, production traceability, eco-efficient, etc.).

It is best to present only products that have been awarded some sort of green certification or accreditation. Participating companies must provide any required information such as specific standards, DIN/ISO regulations, green protocols, certificates, organic seals, etc.


2. How the “Green Line” works during Hygienalia+Pulire

The Green Line is a special route which stops at each of the stands of companies who have previously registered as participants. Participation costs 300+VAT.

Each exhibitor can present a maximum of 5 products/services/actions. These will form a part of the “green area” both on the event’s website and in the green dossier which will be prepared for the specialised media.

At the show, each exhibiting company will receive a special sign which will mark their stand as a “Station”. This should be placed in a visible spot in the stand and will accredit the company as a participant in the Green Line. It can be used prior to, during and after the event.

Under no circumstances can this sign be used for commercial purposes within the stand. It is only a marker provided by the organisation to show that the stand is a “Station”.

The sign must be clearly visible in the stand so that visitors can easily identify participating companies.


3. The “Station” sign in the stand

  1. Only two “station” signs can be placed in the stand.
  2. The organisation will provide two 297 x 420 mm units.
  3. Exhibitors can make their own version of the sign as long as it follows the original design.  In this case, the maximum permitted size is 600 x 800 mm.

Provided by the organisation:

  • Size of the sign: 297 x 420 mm.
  • Units available: 2
  • Material: adhesive paper

Made by the exhibitor:

  • Maximum size: 600 x 800 mm.
  • Minimum size: 297 x 420 mm.
  • Units to be made: 2
  • Material: adhesive paper


4. Promotion. Where and how the Green Line is promoted

The organisation is committed to promoting and publicising participants’ green proposals.  With this objective, there is a wide range of promotional activities, designed to make visitors and sector professionals, 365 days a year and, of course, throughout the event itself. Your products are guaranteed to be noticed.

Online Promotion Onsite Promotion


5. Fee and application form for the Green Line

The participation fee is €300+VAT which should be paid with a single payment via bank transfer to:

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria – Account number: 0182 5941 41 0201505396/ Feria Valencia

If the payment is not made as specified, the Organisation reserves the right to automatically cancel the participation of the exhibitor in question.

It is essential to complete the PDF application form and send it in to the organisation offices. A maximum of 5 products can be presented. Initially any information which appears on the application form will be used.

The deadline for applications is the 7th of October, 2017. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Green Line 2017 Application Form


6. Green product information sheet – online information 365 days a year

Once registered as a participant, you will be able to update your products that appear in the Green Line Exhibitors Catalogue on the website until the 1st December, 2018.

Please remember that it is very important that you complete this step correctly, including all the information that the system allows: photo, name, certificate, description and technical data.