Organizing Committee

Organizing committee

                                                           The Hygienalia+Pulire Organising Committee is made up of companies associated with ASFEL (Spanish acronym for Association of Spanish Cleaning and Hygiene Product Manufacturers), representatives of the different industrial hygiene and cleaning sectors and the main party responsible for implementing this project,  Business Events, Feria Valencia and Afidamp Servizi.


Develop and conceptualise a trade show project which encompasses all areas of the cleaning and professional hygiene industry. Give shape to the needs and aims of the different sectors which make up this industry and in which they see themselves represented. Launch a suitable tool for promotion which is in keeping with these demands.


Representatives have a vote in decisions made about the trade show and meet to agree on the different activities to be taken into account in order to define, start-up and implement Hygienalia+Pulire and all the elements of this trade show project.

This organizing committee is made up of:

  • Josep Pinent, SUCITESA, S.A.U.
  • Manuel Herrero, ASFEL
  • Juan Carlos Cebriá, INDUSTRIAS VIJUSA, S.L.
  • Javier Terol, MOPATEX, S.A.
  • Enrique Llauge, CLEVERNET, S.L.
  • Xavier Valls, SIMEX, S.L.
  • Juan F. Viudez, VIUDEZ PUERTA S.L.
  • Toni D’Andrea, AFIDAMP Servizi
  • Alberto Alonso, BUSINESS EVENTS
  • Jorge Fombellida FERIA VALENCIA
  • Leila Mansouri, FERIA VALENCIA