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The promotions before and during the fair may be critical in your participation results.  Don’t miss any opportunity and take most advantage of the tools we make available to you.
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How to attract more visitors to your stand

(some advice on your participation)

For your participation at Hygienalia+Pulire to be a success, please invite your customers and potential customers to your stand.  We suggest you to carry out the following actions:

  • Please send the electronic invitation supplied by the fair. In this way, your customer will be able to access the fairgrounds free of charge and without having to wait in line.
  • Place a show banner on your website to remind your customer of your presence in the show.
  • Use your newsletter to inform about your participation in the show and the activities that you have planned during the event.
  • Enter the information about the show and your stand in your E-Mail Signature box,
  • Place an outline of the show in your adverts for specialized media
  • Send press releases to mass
  • Follow us on social networks, report your presence on the show and share our contents to make your own social networks more dynamic.
  • Add a short overview of the fair in your printed materials (circulars, brochures, etc.).

All these materials are available here for downloading.

Graphic Material – Exhibitors’19

The fair will send you the e-invitation (May/June 2017).  If you do not receive it, please contact with our General Secretary, Manuel Garrigues, Manager of Billing and Exhibitor Services, at: