Hygienalia+PULIRE close doors on best edition yet.

  • Event making name for itself as Iberian Peninsula’s best sales platform for professional cleaning and laundering sectors.
  • More than 5,200 professionals visited the130 exhibitors taking part.
  • Lectures, demonstrations and competitions complemented event supported by leading trade associations in Spain, evidencing dynamic nature of the sector.

The fourth edition of Hygienalia+Pulire, which closed yesterday, brought together 130 exhibitors from all areas of business related to hygiene, professional cleaning and laundering including machinery, laundry machines and other equipment, chemical products, accessories and utensils, cellulose,  the environment, services and more.

The event, which took place in the Glass Pavilion at Madrid’s Casa de Campo exhibition centre, notched up visits from 5,200 professionals, with the organizers stressing their professional standing and quality profile .


Hygienalia Pulire 2017’s extensive programme of presentations included 23 sessions, more than 40 speakers and a total audience of around 400, drawn from a broad range of businesses including food, sports facilities, cleaning companies, facility services providers, specialist distributors, hotels, restaurants…

With an expanded programme of educational sessions, the fair is underpinning its commitment to provide added-value content as a means of helping drive the sector forward through the sharing of knowledge.

As well as the educational sessions, Hygienalia Pulire staged a number of demonstrations aimed at the prime segments of the industry.

SHINE LINE was an area dedicated to demonstrations of crystallizing floors and featured six of the leading specialist operators: ABRASIVOS ÁGUILA, BARLESA, BONASTRE SYSTEMS, COOR & KLEVEER, VIRGOLA and VIUDEZ PUERTA, which gave daily demonstrations to substantial audiences.

Hygienalia Pulire also hosted another National Window Cleaning Competition sponsored by AFELIN and organized by ASCEN. this year’s winner was Ricardo Torrecillas of Ionic System.

A special space was dedicated to cleaning windows at height, too, with demonstrations of cleaning using poles given by Lehmann, Ionic Systems, Unger and Puralimp.


In line with its commitment to be a showcase of the industry and for the industry, Hygienalia Pulire was once again supported by almost all the trade associations.

By both taking part in the various educational sessions and helping promote the event, institutions such as ADELMA, AELMA, AFELIN, ASCEN, ASPEL and QUIMELTIA and promotional association ASFEL were instrumental in the fair’s success.

It is also worth noting that the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), also played a part in the fair, for the first time, arranging two sessions designed to develop industry members’ international business.


The organizers have confirmed that next year’s Hygienalia Pulire will again take place in the Glass Pavilion at Madrid’s Casa de Campo Exhibition Centre. This 5th edition of the fair is slated for 12th, 13th and 14th November 2019.