Hygienalia presentation, the industrial cleaning and hygiene trade fair

The organizers have stressed the strategic and economic value of the professional cleaning domain. As from next year, this sector will have a sectorial trade fair which aims to cover all needs in a single area

The purpose of the innovative trade fair formula, organized by the sector for the sector, is to give utmost importance to exhibitors’ interests

The official Hygienalia presentation to the media took place yesterday, in which Josep Pinent participated, the ASFEL and Organizing Committee Chair.

The Chair once again stressed the current strategic importance of professional hygiene: its strategic and economic value is sufficient to organize a specific trade fair. And this is precisely what makes Hygienalia differ from other trade fairs: it is an event that exclusively addresses the professional cleaning sector rather than a trade fair where this sector represents a small part of all the participating parties.

Likewise, the Chair of this event stressed the importance of Hygienalia’s multisectorial perspective, where all the agents in the sector will participate: manufacturers, importing firms, distributors, those providing services and cleaning firms.

Hygienalia’s Organizing Committee has highlighted that most of the firms which promoted this trade fair during the initial yet postponed call in 2009 have renewed their trust in the event, thus confirming the importance of Hygienalia within the sector.

As for the journalists’ questions about whether it is a trade fair that the sector itself demands, Mr. Pinent confirmed the involved agents´ interest noted by the Organizing Committee, and underlined that Hygienalia is an event that cares about exhibitors’ interests.

Along these lines, the presentation emphasized the ideal slogan: “The sector’s trade fair for the sector”, which perfectly sums up the nature of this event that foresees the participation of more than 70 exhibitors and 3,500 professional visitors while it is underway next year, from 8th to 10th November.