[faq][faq_item title=”Where is it held?” ]

Hygienalia+Pulire takes place at the PABELLÓN DE CRISTAL of the RECINTO FERIAL DE LA CASA DE CAMPO (Chrystal Hall of the Casa de Campo Fairgrounds) (Madrid).

Address: Avenida Principal, 16 (28011)


[faq][faq_item title=”How to get there” ]

In the section Fairgrounds, Opening hours and How to get there, you will find all the information to get to Hygienalia+Pulire, whether you come by private or public transport.

Location: GPS: 40°24’53.0″N 3°44’17.2″W


[faq][faq_item title=”What are the dates and times?” ]

The fair will be held on 12, 13 and 14 November, 2019.

Opening hours:

On 12 and 13 November the opening hours will be: 10:00 – 19:00

On 14 November the opening hours will be: 10:00 – 17:00

Exhibitors may have access to the fair facilities 30 minutes before the official opening hours.


[faq][faq_item title=”How may I become an exhibitor?” ]

In order to become and exhibitor at Hygienalia+Pulire, you should send us the Application Form, duly completed and signed, attaching proof of payment of the registration fee, the compulsory insurance and a percentage of the cost of the space you have requested (between 20% and 100%, according to the application date, as stated in the participation terms and conditions).

Here you can download and read the participation Contract and you can contact our Sales Team:

MªJesús Gumiel

Sales Manager for Spain

+34 931 225 262

Tania Noto & Laura Banfi

International Sales Managers

+39 0 267 445 81



[faq][faq_item title=”How many exhibitor badges do I get?” ]

Each exhibitor will receive a minimum of 4 badges, and up to a maximum of 10, based on the space hired.

9m2 to 32m2. 4 badges

33m2 to 50m2. 6 badges

51m2 to 66m2. 8 badges

67m2 or more. 10 badges

Co-exhibitors will get 2 badges.

By way of exception, should any additional badges be necessary, they may be requested via e-mail to the General Secretary, to the attn. of Manuel Garrigues, Accounting Department & Customer Care, at mgarrigues@feriavalencia.com


Hygienalia+Pulire is a distinctly professional fair, all accreditations are personal and not transferable and it is absolutely necessary to state full names and position of all the representatives of the company for whom the badges are requested.

– Both the exhibitor badges and the press and visitor badges will be requested at the entrance and exit to the fairgrounds, for a proper control of the capacity.  Any exhibitor not properly identified with his/her badge, will not be able to leave the fairgrounds, as far as each exhibitor, visitor or press badge is provided with a BIDI or bar code that activates the anti-pass back system, for safety reasons.  In this way another person cannot use the same badge while the holder is still within the premises.  Additionally the organization reserves the right to carry out adequate identification checks, and, consequently you must carry your identity card (DNI) or passport.  The organization also reserves the right to request documentation (a business card or company certificate) that proves your belonging to the exhibiting company.

We ask the exhibitors to make good use of the Professional Exhibitor badges, to ensure the professionalism of our exhibition and the security of all.


[faq][faq_item title=”How do I request my Exhibitor badges?” ]

Badges will be requested through the web services of the Exhibitors Portal (available from june/july 2019 onwards).  Within this private area you only need to complete the fields provided, and “Save” to send the data.


[faq][faq_item title=”How do I invite my customers?” ]

The Organizers will send on-line custom invitations with your company’s logotype, so that you may distribute them among all your customers (without limit of use).

Invitations will be sent during the months of june/july’19.  If you do not receive them in due course, please check your spam or Junk email folder in your email inbox to make sure that they have not been blocked by the Anti-Spam service of your email account.  If this is not the case, then please check with us that we have received your logo in good time and/or ask Manuel Garrigues, Accounting Department & Customer Care, at mgarrigues@feriavalencia.com


[faq][faq_item title=”Which are the set-up and dismantling dates?” ]

Set-up dates and times:

08- 10 November 2019, from 08:00 to 20:00, set-up

11 November 2019 from 08:00 to 14:00, set-up, from 14:00 to 20:00, placement of products on display and interior decoration

Dismantling dates and times:

14 November 2019, from 17:00 to 24:00, removal of the exhibition material

15 November 2019, from 08:00 to 20:00, dismantling and removal of materials


[faq][faq_item title=”What can I do to make the travel cheaper?” ]

Simply contact us and we will send you discount vouchers to use with IBERIA (up to a 50%) and RENFE (35%).  Apply for it by email, to Manuel Garrigues, Accounting Department & Customer Care, at mgarrigues@feriavalencia.com

You can also download them from the Travel and Accommodation link.


[faq][faq_item title=”How and where can I book a hotel room?” ]

Our official travel agency will be happy to help you with your hotel booking: whether you prefer a hotel next to the fair, a nice centric hotel, affordable, luxury, …

Viajes El Corte Ingles

Tlf. +34 963 861 544/ 963 861 545/ 963 861 358

Fax. +34 96 386 13 59

E-mail: feriavalencia@viajeseci.es

In addition to the above, special rates may be offered in some of the hotels close to the fairgrounds.

Find more information at Travel and accommodation


[faq][faq_item title=”Is there a car park the fairgrounds?” ]

The facilities have more than 800 parking places, additionally it is a free service as it belongs to the Madrid City Council public car parks.


[faq][faq_item title=”Where can I find places to eat?” ]

Different catering, restaurant-buffet, and snack bars are spread across the premises at affordable prices.

Different restaurants and cafeterias are within close reach and many of these places are at a short walking distance

If necessary, additional information may be provided to you at the organisation’s information desk and offices.


[faq][faq_item title=”What is the Exhibitor Portal?” ]

The Exhibitor Portal is your private area in order to consult and complete your catalogue data, but it is also the platform where you will be able to ask for your exhibitor’s badges and see even more details (statistics) of the visits received in your business’s basic listing information and product files (in the “Basic Form”).  You may also receive and accept requests for meetings from registered visitors and obtain information about who are your potential customers in other forms of files.


[faq][faq_item title=”I don’t have access to the Exhibitor Portal” ]

The instructions and the necessary access to create your password and consult/modify the catalogues data are sent by e-mail (during june/july 2019).

– If you are an exhibitor but you have not received the login data, please contact our Secretariat General, Manuel Garrigues, Accounting Department & Customer Care, at mgarrigues@feriavalencia.com

– If you are an exhibitor but do not remember your login data, you can generate a new password from the Exhibitor Portal, by going to the Login section.