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Hygienalia 2023 Conference Room


10:30 h -11:30 h
VI Technical Conference on Cleaning and Hygiene in Sports Facilities and Swimming Pools

  • 10.30 h. Welcome. By: Rubén Vinagre, editor-in-chief of One Drop, Editor-in-chief of the magazines One Drop, Instalaciones Deportivas Hoy and Piscinas Hoy
  • 10.40 h. Optimizing cleaning in sports facilities: external services vs. internal. By: Manel Valcarce, sports consultant, CEO of Valgo.
  • 11.00 h. Cleaning and disinfection in sports facilities and swimming pools. A practical vision. By: Julio Llames, head of the Maintenance Department of the Municipal Sports Foundation of Avilés
  • 11.20 h. Requests and Questions
    Moderator: Rubén Vinagre, editor-in-chief of One Drop, Instalaciones Deportivas Hoy and Piscinas Hoy magazines
  • 11.30 h. End of the workday


11:30 h - 13:30 h
Data and Challenges of the Professional Cleaning Sector in Spain

Sector data collected in recent years in Spain will be released, and from this it will be explained what challenges the AFELIN and ASPEL employers’ associations focus on, in order to protect the viability of cleaning companies in Spain, improve their professionalism and its profitability.

  • Jesús Martín, President of AFELIN and President of AELMA
  • Juan Díez de Los Ríos, President of ASPEL
  • Javier Campuzano, Manager of the R.O.E. (Official Business Registry)
  • Jorge Martín, Editor of E&L magazine (Business and Cleaning)


15:30 h - 16:30 h
How the methodology can help achieve the objectives of the UN2023 Agenda

In this conference, we will explore the transformative power of methodology in achieving the ambitious goals set out by the UN2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We will analyze how innovative methodological practices and approaches can play a fundamental role in promoting progress towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

With the support of ISSA, we will specifically explore how the implementation of the ISSA cleaning and maintenance standard can contribute significantly to several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will discuss how this standard not only ensures clean and safe environments, but also promotes public health, gender equality, and sustainable economic growth.

Join us to discover how the effective application of methodology can be a catalyst for achieving a prosperous and sustainable future for all, in line with the vision of the UN2030 Agenda.

  • Joaquín Montesinos, ISSA EMEA Trainer and  Althea Management Solutions SL Founder 


16:30 h - 17:30 h
Presentation of the Market Place for the Chemical Industry

Digital transformation and the growth of e-commerce have changed the way businesses operate globally. Online marketplaces, which connect buyers and sellers efficiently, are fundamental in this evolution. In the Spanish chemical industry, the adoption of specific marketplaces becomes crucial to take advantage of current opportunities.

These marketplaces have evolved since their inception, diversifying offerings and focusing on specific categories, such as Alibaba in B2B commerce. The Spanish chemical industry, in particular, could benefit from implementing a specific marketplace for detergents and disinfectants, as it would provide greater visibility, facilitate collaboration and optimize the supply chain, in addition to complying with regulations. In addition, a project is mentioned in collaboration with QUIMELTIA, AIDIMME and ESPERTIS that seeks to promote the circular economy.

In summary, marketplaces are essential tools in today’s trade, and their adoption can make a difference in the competitiveness of Spanish chemical companies on a global level.



10:00 h -13:30 h
The Management of Facilities Services and new Management trends

Sponsors: ONET e ISS
Collaborators: IFMA

Everything that has happened in recent years has meant that the management of Facilities and SSGG services has changed enormously, both from the perspective of the offer of products and services and from the demands of users and companies, as well as teleworking. It has changed work habits and therefore the needs that we need in our daily lives. In this event we will try to see some of the solutions that the market is offering as well as some examples of how some organizations have adapted to these changes. We will also talk about where the new market trends are heading.

  • 10.00 h. Accreditations
  • 10.30 h. Opening of the event by Sara Ruiz, General Director of AERCE
  • 10:40 h. Block I. Cleaning services….New trends.
    Moderator: Joaquín Montesinos, CEO at Althea MS
    They participate:

    Axelles Despatures, Commercial and Marketing Director at ONET
    Eric Taga, Corporate Director of Facility Management at Parques Reunidos
    Manuel Vinaroz, Technical Office at Ale-Hop
    Fabio Carrasco, General Director at Always Clean Group

  • 11:30 h. Solutions to improve efficiency in the management of Facilities TBC

  • 11:50 h. How can we improve the efficiency of our processes through correct maintenance? 

  • 12:10 h. Block II. The management of spaces and people
    Moderator: IFMA
    Ana Travesedo, Director of Properties, Facilities & Procurement at KPMG
    Bethsabee Plaza, Purchasing Director at Iskaypet
    Vanesa Hueros, Purchasing Director at Adecco
    Nuria Gómez, Director of Real Estate and General Services at Securitas Direct
    Jose A. Rodríguez, Commercial Director of ISS
    Joaquín Marco, 3G Office Project Director

  • 13:00 h. Closing ceremony

  • 13:10 h. Coffee & Networking

Organize AERCE 

15:30 h - 16:30 h
RAPID-O: The Revolution in textile washing

  • Speakers:
    Javier Febrer, Sales Director Professional Hygiene, Christeyns España
    Joaquín Jiménez, R&D Manager – Professional Hygiene and Laundry, Christeyns España
    Carlos Millán, Business Development and Key Accounts Manager Elderly Homes & OPL Laundry, Christeyns España


16:30 h - 17:30 h
The minimum standards of Responsibility in hygiene processes

In this conference, we will delve into the importance of minimum responsibility standards in hygiene processes and their crucial impact on public health and safety. We will explore how the implementation of these standards not only ensures quality in hygiene protocols, but also strengthens public confidence in clean and safe environments.

With the support of ISSA, we will analyze in detail how the adoption of these standards promotes effective hygiene practices, fosters social responsibility, and contributes to the overall well-being of the community. We will discuss how the rigorous implementation of these standards not only drives excellence in hygiene processes, but also plays a fundamental role in preventing disease and promoting a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.

Join us to explore how minimum responsibility standards are a vital component in promoting a culture of responsible hygiene and ensuring the safety and well-being of society as a whole.


  • Joaquín Montesinos, ISSA EMEA Trainer and  Althea Management Solutions SL Founder 



11:15-12:00 H. Conferencia.
«WET CLEANING: Soluciones sostenibles para lavandería y tintorería»

  • Miguel Torres, Business Developer Girbau
  • Angel Santamaria, Técnico Comercial Vijusa


12:00 - 12:45 H. Conferencia.
«Futuro de la higienización de la hostelería y hostelería hospitalaria»

  • Lorena Moreno, Presidenta Nacional Asociación Española de Gobernantas de Hotel y Otras Entidades, ASEGO.
  • Ana María Dobaño, Secretaria General, Asociación Española de Gobernantas de Hotel y Otras Entidades, ASEGO.
  • Miguel Ángel Herrera Úbeda, Asociación Española de Hostelería Hospitalaria.
  • Lara Ubiera, Licenciada en Ciencias Químicas.
  • Fernando Hidalgo, Director Hostelería & Restauración, moderador.