An interview with Mr. Miguel Revert, Commercial Director of Mopatex, S.A.

From Hygienalia, we wished to collect some of our exhibitors’ views about the trade fair and their recommendations for the remaining firms in the sector

What products/services line does your firm offer? What are the challenges and opportunities that the industrial cleaning and hygiene sector has today?

Mopatex, s.a. offers a most complete range of cleaning articles and tools: Mops, Shining Cloths, Wet-cleaning Cloths, Cloths in general, Chamois and Rolls, all of which come in Microfibre, Cotton and Synthetic Materials, plus a wide range of Carts and Cleaning Tools.


Our challenge is set with our products, that of “making your life easier”; our aim is to create products that facilitate and optimize work (time) and the Professional’s economy.

Your firm will participate in HYGIENALIA 2011. What advice would you give to other firms to suitably plan their presence at this trade fair?

Yes, that’s right. Mopatex is registered to participate in HYGIENALIA 2011. The advice I can give is to look on the positive side of participating: the chance to contact the vast majority of today’s customers, the opportunity to attract new customers, presenting those products that have been included over time, etc., and to not look on the negative side; extra costs, having to save, etc. Let positive aspects prevail over negative ones.

What do you think a trade fair like HYGIENALIA 2011 offers exhibitors?

It is a meeting point for the whole sector: Manufacturers, Distributors, Consumers. It is a chance to become known and to tell everyone what you do.

Is Mopatex going to present its new products at HYGIENALIA 2011? If so, what product lines will be the “star product lines” at this trade fair? What new products and/or improvements will they offer the market this year?

We believe that a new product must be presented when there is no need to wait any longer; that is, of course, unless there is an event to present it in coming up soon.

All the newly incorporated products will be presented: the product line that will stand out the most will be those items in the Microfibre Range and a Shoe-Cover Dispenser. We will make the best of this chance to inform about our products’ improvements and advantages.